Zubair Gilani

Mr. Zubair Gilani was, until recently serving as Minister of State and Chairman of Pakistan’s Board of Investment. He undertook wide ranging policy and administrative reforms to promote investment in Pakistan, including Prime Minister’s initiative to rationalize and digitize the interface of business enterprises with all three tiers of the Government of Pakistan for improving ease of doing business. 
Mr. Zubair Gilani has a long banking career, beginning in 1989 with BCCI and later to American Express Bank Ltd and Faysal Bank Limited  where he held senior management positions in corporate and investment banking.  His business acumen was acquired in an apparel manufacturing company in Karachi in 2001 which acquired state of the art technology supplying high fashion goods to leading European Brands. Mr. Gilani initiated and spearheaded an Apparel Manufacturing ERP Development initiative which successfully encompassed all facets of business operations of the Company on a real time online web-based platform. 
Mr. Gilani has simultaneously gained extensive experience in agriculture, setting up a mechanized farm on 500 acres in interior Sindh growing cotton, wheat and sugar cane. He has also been engaged with building construction and in addition, set up a factory to produce pre-cast industrial buildings. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs. 
Mr. Zubair Gilani holds a Bachelors Degree in Economics from University of Punjab. He speaks Persian and Italian, in addition to native languages.